Our Services

Increase customer awareness of promotional offers and events

WAV Atmospheric Branding combines the science and art of shopper marketing through its advanced retail audio systems, designed to engage and professionally deliver ambient in-store music. Deliver custom atmospheres and targeted messages to your customers, whenever and wherever. Brand values and corporate messages can easily be promoted with WAV’s audio bulletins, event news, product launch announcements, and PR communication tools throughout the year.

Instore Radio

WAV Atmospheric Branding delivers original, customized instore music solutions conceptualized to efficiently deliver your message.

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Audio Video Installation

We offer a dedicated PA and Sound System service program for each individual in-store venue.

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Digital Signages

Flaunt your best products in your stores with customized DIGITAL SIGNAGES.

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Scent Marketing

WAV Scents is a new marketing medium aiming to promote better brand recall through customized scents.

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