Your Tools For Atmospheric Branding

In-store Radio

Define your brand with instore music that represents your audience and their lifestyle

Digital Media Signage

Deploy marketing tools and brand messages in the form of very creative and versatile signages


Engage with the sense that makes the strongest emotional connection and recall

About Us

WAV Atmospheric is a leading sensory marketing company that combines in-store media, scent marketing, customized music and digital signage to communicate and connect with consumers. WAV Atmospheric’s network of innovative specialists have experience in dealing with Fortune 500 clients and understand what it takes to drive incremental sales. Each member of our team brings a unique twist to the science of marketing, which is what makes us stand out from the rest. Collectively, we are passionate individuals who can provide guidance and solutions, tailored to your retail point-of-purchase and atmospheric branding needs.
Why Us?
Did you know audio tempo and visual priming can help increase customer spending? Or that in-store scents can help your company develop primal bonds? Our primarily goal is to help small enterprises and large corporations leverage the next generation of experiential design. Whether it be scent diffusers or touch screen signage, WAV Atmospheric’s tailored brand touch points can help maximize your brand awareness. WAV’s products and services reach millions of people throughout North America and Asia Pacific, every day. WAV Atmospheric Branding serves diverse sectors including: hotels, spas, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, financial institutions and more. Let us transport your customers with positive experiences and turn them into repeat customers. That’s the power of atmospheric branding. That’s the power of WAV Atmospheric.


Caloy Hinolan


caloy-headshotCaloy has grown WAV Atmospheric from providing ambient music services to a full range of multimedia, visual and scent marketing solutions for its diverse clients. Starting as a local player in Asia Pacific, WAV has become a multinational in-store media group that designs innovative in-store customer experiences. The agile business process is in Caloy’s DNA and he’s constantly going at 100 miles per hour. He is about pivoting and dynamism. Caloy won’t hesitate to diversify a business model, and change course for growth. Under his leadership, WAV is constantly innovating systems and looking into new mediums and delivery formats to offer its clients a competitive edge. WAV is currently scaling its services and is looking at expansion across Asia and the US..

Alma Jadie

Vice President for Finance

Alma is WAV Atmospheric Branding’s scholar-in-residence. She is a hands-on operational CFO with extensive experience in financial reporting, M&A planning, strategic planning, cash management, and contract negotiations. Prior to WAV, she was the CFO of Bombo Radyo, one of the biggest radio networks in the country, for 22 years. Alma is in charge of taxation, finance, and accounting. She works with banks, investors, does working capital management, cost containment, and helps in strategic development.

Dennis Robb King

Head of Operations

Dennis oversees and ensures the proper delivery of services to clients. Since joining WAV in April 2010, Dennis has slowly worked his way up the ranks from doing sales to being operations head of Radyo Pinoy to head of the FM Division of the company, and eventually the Head of Operations of the company. Prior to joining WAV, Dennis worked for the FM Division of Bombo Radyo Philippines as Area Manager. It was there where he developed his skills in running the operation of multiple offices in multiple locations. Dennis is a registered nurse, a sports buff and loves the outdoors.

News & Blogs

To Scent or Not

A new store opens, the shop looks great, the colors good, the lights warm at a glance it looks promising. I step inside look around, walk thru the ailse, check the displays, hmmm. My senses start ticking, I hear faint music, I can hardly can make out what’s playing. I... read more

The Power of Localization

Global brand, local market. Global standards, local feel. Welcome to the era of Global business going local. Businesses who don’t realize this are in for an awakening. I see big giant brands forced and were given a run by locals. A big giant hamburger brand loosing... read more

Pause Before Dumping It

A fine dining restaurant that plays rap music. A teenage retail store with songs that has lyrics about sex and violence. An Upscale Shoe store that has noisy rock music from an employee. Hotel lobby playing pop music, the list goes on. In my years of travelling, I see... read more

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